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welcome to another episode of mighty mods now today we're doing some guard rolling, why? why? well quite simply, when you got a small car and you put big wheels on it and you go over bumps the wheels fill up the arches so much that it goes crrrr and doesn't sound good and kinda makes you look like an idiot

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so, you could go down to a shop and do it, it will probably cost you about 100-150 bucks just for the rear guards but we've decided to do it ourselves. so we're gonna show you how, the only thing is we need to find someone who knows what their doing.

they say he was found frozen in the ice caps of switzerland a thousand years ago with nothing but a heat gun in his hand now nobody knows where he came from, nobody knows who he is but, we know where he is and he's gonna help us out today, lets go you can see here the tools we're gonna need for the job there's a heat gun, rubber mallet and a couple of other bits and pieces so marty'ds getting the car jacked up and there's a brick under the front wheel to make sure it doesn't roll now because he's so safety conscious he's also put an axle stand under the back of the car

now with the wheels off marty can you tell us again why exactly we're doing this? "so when you've got the bigger wheels on and you hit a bump the wheel goes up into the arch and hits this edge, so we just basicly just have to fold it back" now it's probably a good time to tell you that we haven't actually done this before but for the sake of science and for the sake of you we thought we would destroy our cars first now luckily we found these old guards and we're gonna practice on them so it is going to work, the idea is you need to get some heat into the paint to stop it from splitting so, so far it's looking pretty good and we just have to go and see what happens

ok, so let's get into it. the idea of the heat gun is to keep the paint warm if the paints not warm there's a good chance it could crack once you start bending the panels back so we've rolled it about 45 degrees, you can go further but the chances of you splitting you paint around the edges are a bit higher so urrm this should be fine for our purposes and, yea, it's going well ok, so we got one side done, over to the other side ok, so the left sides done aswell so we're gonna put the wheels back on we'll drop the car back down and we'll test it out so there it is, we're all done. we've done the micra and done the sirion, it takes about

half an hour each side and all you need's a heat gun and a mallet so make sure you check out www.mightycarmods.com for more cool video's and more of marty

car hire sydney drop off brisbane,yeah cool this information is offered as entertainment and is a guide only. we take no resposibility if you *@!# up your car subtitles by antony coldron

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