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sex driving

suzanne welker an effort is consolidatesoutward gauging in sexual activity in their car in fact well ernest gonzaleswas driving his car i his girlfriend's is at welfare was giving him orel sexnow uh... since they were driving of course the car pulled up next to themand uh... it included a family a couple with their three-year-old child

sex driving, and they know so stop eating so they watched right out well says that while programsometimes didn't like that aso they pulled over will be followed the couple

uh... then they pulled over and threatenthe couple of the semi-automatic weapon not look good on the since instead so first of all of the differences in apublic place didn't lose your shift was someone to cc that's the whole point of having sex ina building a list that you risk being seat for a few it's like a woman withgigantic leverage regularly how could you look but they're not looked at theright that you use you were down here store that i wouldnot be there when they look exactly so i thought

a blow to the guy in the car digital tv are so he had to take temporary look atme for you weren't like it and to the fish steve at the and setup sexually activecouple and they thought that the family wastaking photos of them azhar lettuces arcade market leader butstill release threatened people at the semi-automatic qureshi sex in public andpeople take pictures of you that's called legal you can do that and so this is world hadwhich by the people don't know was on

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sex driving

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lust women

l word theme - betty metal cover by collision zero girls in tight dresses who drag with moustaches chicks driving fast ingenues with long lashes

lust women, women who long love lust women who give this is the way it's the way that we live

talking, laughing, loving, breathing

lust women

fighting, fucking, crying, drinking writing, winning, losing, cheating kissing, thinking, dreaming and love!

lust for women

we chose all of our future, all of our present,all of our past. we chose. we choose and we choose and we choose and this is what we have. this is the result of your choice. so now you got to that place and now you haveanother decision to make.

lust for women, do you want to continue or do you want to go back? go back means teshuva/repentance. it's the rectification.

you need to put yourself in the garage for3 months and it will fix you? 3 years, 13 years, 30 years... as long as you're in the garage you will saythat now now, the car is fixed. you need to put yourself in the hands of therighteous man and let him run your life. you have to give yourself into the hands ofthe righteous man. like rabbi nachman of breslov said "to throwaway your wisdom, your nonsense, your imaginations" your imaging to yourself, telling yourselfstories, like you know the reality. like you know the truth. rabbi nachman of breslov said that everythingis good.

that you don't have any lackings in your life. it doesn't matter what you have and don'thave in your life. rabbi nachman said it. rabbi nachman said that people will come andwill say "all of what the rabbi was talking about was talking about other people. but me? i'm in such a ...' rabbeinu wrote those words. "but me, i'm in such a horrible situation. condition.

that for sure those words are not for me". and then rabbeinu said "you should know thatthose words are also for you". for the one that knows that he is under allthe rest, that he is the worst. allright. so to you we are talking. rabbeinu is the river that purifies from allof the stains. he is the only washing machine that thereis in this generation. but you have to be ready for ups and downs,ups and downs, ups and downs. in your life. thousands of them.

ups and downs, ups and downs, and boilingwater and cold water and to make you soft and to make you clean. to put soap in, well this is reality. we are hard. we are stubborn. we are stubborn in our nonsense. in our stupidity. nonsense we like and want to do. "no i like it, no i love it.

no, i want it" ok, that is why you look howyou look. this is why when you go into the field, it'shard for you to pray. i remember myself so many times going to thefield and saying one word to god. one line. "please god, help me in that..' and it happened! why because when you have a heart you receiveit. and when you don't have a heart you go to the field for hours and you're playinglike your doing a personal prayer. you're not. i have one friend in the jewish school, hetold me that he remembers himself that he

went to pray on having a livelihood. and he was asking "please god, give me a livelihood"for an hour. "please give me a livelihood" and at the endof the personal prayer he saw that it was one hour. he said to himself, he was thinking like that, if god doesn't give it to me i willcall my father in law and everything will be ok. in the end of one hour personal prayer. and he said this is the evil inclination. it's bigger than everything.

that he said allright i will give him a shot,ok. if god will give if not, i'm here. everything is ok. i'm here. back to business. it's horrible. but it's our reality. because you're not used to believing in god. we are used to think of our own reality.

so we have to break that reality. that imagination. to tear away that curtain. i told you that there are people in this worldnow that cannot accept the fact that god is hiding his face from them. and they don't care about the torah or thecommandments about explanations. they don't have time for all that nonsense. they want to see god now. they want to live a good life.

this is what they care about. they want to be with love, pleasant, withcomfort with god, that they will have peace in their homes and that their kids will succeedand they don't have time. we need to understand that wisdom they areholding, those special people. who has time to wait until 70 or 80 yearsif you will decide really strong that you're going to dedicated your life to serve godor i'm going to give it to you. because in the path that the person wantsto walk, they are leaving him in that path. rav shalom said that god gave him a repentanceprocess that is very short. in one and a half years he will have completerepentance.

it took him one and a half years to have completerepentance. he started his repentance in the age of 24or something like that, he was a total secular jew, he was breaking shabbat, he was dating,he had girlfriends, he was learning at the university, he was a soldier, he was eatingon yom kippur (day of atonement). he told us that he was laughing on dead peoplewho was washing the bodies. they were learning medicine over there andthey were laughing about the dead bodies. it's 100% secular. no fear of heaven at all. laughing on bodies.

he said that about himself it's not a disgracefor him. we are praising him. that now he is such a righteous man. he changed himself. he worked on himself for one and a half yearsreally hard. and he made it. he achieved something huge. he is still working on himself now. you will see someone that today you will notfind him laughing about the smallest thing

that is inappropriate. never. not a drop. you will never see him laughing, or even smilingabout something that is not appropriate. if you see someone smiling about somethinginappropriate, they have a problem, they have the evil inclination. this is why he is laughing. rav shalom said if you want to check a personif you should do business with him? tell him a joke about thieves, that stolesomething.

if you will see him laughing you should knowthat you shouldn't do business with him. because he is a thief. if you want to know if the person is a ... tellhim a joke about women. if he is laughing about that, it makes himhappy. he has lust for women. things that people are laughing about is theirnature. you will see him chat a lot. i saw people telling him jokes and he is soserious. i told zvi once, if you want to know if yourjoke is good or not good, you should think

.. is god going to laugh about my joke ornot? if god laughs at your joke then it's fine. if he doesn't then it's not funny at all. it's not funny at all. god is very serious. but he has a sense of humor. he has a huge sense of humor. you can see that in front of you. the biggest sense of humor.

praise god. let's continue. so when elijah wakes up, the holiness wakesup, all of the sins are waking up against it. so also when we're shouting, like we said,in the field, we cannot hear the voice of holiness itself; that will break the craziness ofthe body.

lust for women

we only hear the echo. the sound of the sins that wakes up againstthe voice of holiness. we will read it again next week. so, we are shouting inside of ourselves "godplease do for your own sake, for your honor."

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