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comparequotes is an independent company that hand selects the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and service industries. the following business has consistently met our standards, and they are a supplier that we can highly recommend. hi, my name is avril southon and i'm the managing director of women @ work painters. we paint residential and commercial premises inside and outside. women @ work started when a lot of mums complained about the non-existent service in tradesmen. so, it was then set up so that good service was provided in painting. we only bring on experienced staff who we know that will get on with people and know how to respect people in their homes and as well as can do a good painting job. i also employ a couple of men and my main supervisor, jay is a man. i look after all the girls in their job sites, get all the heavy equipment on the site, make sure that jobs go smoothly. i found talking to our clients over the years, i’ve been there, they feel a lot more comfortable too with a female in their house, because they can talk to them on their level and they can do the job that any man could do, probably better. well, we do what we say we're going to do. we come out, we do the quote, we discuss it in detail, we write up a written quote, so you know what you're getting and everything is in writing. so, we all have the same expectation, my staff then get a copy of that. we come in, we are clean and tidy, we have a commonsense approach, we stay for the job, we're not pigs, we don’t try and intimidate the owners of the house.

car hire sydney coogee,

car hire sydney coogee

okay, this is broen, she's preparing these columns in readiness for painting so she is just sanding at the moment. sarah is just filling nail holes in preparation before we actually do some priming. pedro is undercoating some woodwork inside as you can see. women @ work painters means everything to me, it’s my business. it's really exciting to go do a paint job particularly in a house that is new or existing where it needs a lot of work and we can transform it from the ugly duckling to the slum and the staff enjoy that too. women @ work! undefined

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hi i'm nathan just one of jucysawesome crew so you want to know what licenses we accept in australia well so long as you are 18 or over...