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in 2016 audi gave us the scintillatingly quicksecond-generation r8 supercar. and now the german manufacturer has returnedwith a follow-up ragtop. behind me is the r8 spyder. and audi reckons it's just as quick and exhilaratingas its hardtop sibling. let's see if the claim stands up.

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the r8 spyder is now available in australianshowrooms priced from $388,500 plus on-road costs. it gets the same mid-mounted v10 engine asthe regular r8 coupe, producing 397 kilowatts, and 540 newton metres.

there's also a v10-plus spyder on its way. like the hardtop sibling, the spyder getsthe same swish, tech-laden monoposto cockpit, a relaxed day-to-day skill set, and top-flightsafety. it might sound farfetched, but this a supercaryou could actually live with, day-to-day. for one, the fabric top closes and opens inabout 20 seconds, at speeds of up to 50ks an hour. and while you wouldn't buy a supercar forfuel use, this one's actually not all that thirsty, when driven sedately. the engine can actually shut down an entirebank of five cylinders during light throttle-up

locations in order to save fuel. and, in addition, the seven-speed dual-clutchautomatic can decouple itself from the engine during coasting scenarios, basically, allowingthe car to freewheel down the road. in pure number terms there is very littlerationale to justify the spyder. it costs $3,400 than the equivalent v10 coupe,weighs an additional 125 kilograms, and is slower in a straight line. i've got one word to counter all of that. sound. with the roof down you've basically got unlimitedaccess to those ten thumping cylinders situated

right behind the cockpit. it's amazing and, i'm going to say it, wellworth the price of admission. to get around the added weight the spyder'sdoor seals now have a thicker gauge of aluminium and there's more reinforcement in the a pillarsand windscreen. with all those provisions in place there isno stopping that v10 engine. zero to 100 takes just 3.6 seconds and you'vegot a top speed of nearly 320ks an hour. the best part is just that zing as you climbto the 8,700rpm red [? rev] line. it's really intoxicating stuff. in addition, you've got that brilliant seven-speeddual-clutch automatic, and, i'm going to be

honest, i reckon it's the fastest gearboxin any modern supercar. more contentious is whether the added 125kilos in kerb weight is felt around the track. at nearly 1.8 tons the r8 spyder is certainlyno bantamweight. now, sure, we don't really have an r8 coupeto compare this car directly against, but, do i really feel like i'm missing out on anythingon track? not at all. well, there you have it. the r8 spyder lacks very little on the racetrack.

car hire sydney driver,but there is so much more to this car thango-fast appeal.

in fact, while i've got it, i'm going to gohit the town because, if you want to be seen, there's no missing this thing on the road.

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