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- alright here wehave the oakley batwolf frame. it's a shield style frame similar to the antix, oil rig, and oil rig 2. it's shield style in that it has one continuous lens here rather than

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two separate lenseslike many other frames. this is an all plastic frame, so it's more flexible than the x metal series, which allows for fairly easy

installation of new lenses. the way you do that is, go ahead and grab the frame here,and take your hand and you're gonna pull up onthe top edge of the frame with this hand, and then pull down with the bottom edge on this hand. and push through with thefingers behind the lens here, so that the lens will pop out towards you. go ahead and pull up and pull down,

(popping) push out, and you'll see it's popped out right there, half way. and then we'll go ahead anddo that on this side as well. so we'll pull up on this edge, pull down on this edge, and push. and that edge has popped out. and now you'll see there'sa gap on either side. and then what you cando, is just go ahead and

push in the middle there,apply some pressure, and the lens pops right out. there's a groove all the way around here. and that's where the lens sits. and what we'll do to reinstall the lens is go ahead and start in the middle, and push in on the middle. you'll hear a pop there. and that's the lensseating in that groove.

and then you can justfollow around the outside with your thumb and it will pop right in. and it'll make multiple popping noises, but that just means the lensis in place, not breaking. so that side is now in the groove, and we'll go ahead and do this side. and that side is in place as well.

car rental sydney domestic airport,and you can do one finalsweep around the edge just to make sure the lensis completely in and secure.

and that is how you install lenses in your oakley batwolf frames.

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