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it was being lowered because of weather. it was ten blocks north of the trade center. no word yet on how it happened.

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now to super bowl 50 and the big game is two days away. we wanted to know what south florida is getting the big

event again. jim barry talked to dolphins owner about that and how he feels about his team watching from home this year. he joins us live with the apps -- answer. reporter: i tell you, friday night is apart night at the

super bowl but steven ross and i hold a race. a serious topic. and ross is serious about reversing the dolphin's purchase. he made a prediction about when south florida will host its next super bowl.

like most owners. steven rossis it as a gordon anniversary as proof how the nfl built a mighty brand. it's important to show how the enveloping has groan and become like -- the nfl has groan and it's become the most important brand in the country.

reporter: the only problem for him is his team is not in it. do you watch with envy and think how come my team is not here? , yeah. a lot of people don't stay around.

if we can't watch the game with my team, why could should i be but i enjoy football, i'm a fan. it's exciting. reporter: ross thought his dolphins were a contender until six and ten. i was disappointed with last

season. i thought we had a lot of capabilities that weren't utilized and didn't show up. but i'm excited of their new coach. the more time you spend with him, the more i feel he's the right guy.

reporter: now a $4 million make over-mike give ross the ultimate wish. his home team playing a super bowl in his home stadium. i believe that we will next time the super bowl say warded, which will be in may of in year, that miami will win it.

if you think about the super bowl and you think where people want to be. i don't think there's a better place than miami and i think probably if you talk to people, the best super bowls have all been in miami. reporter: i would not

disagree with that at all.

car hire sydney dee why,that would be for the year 2019. but obviously, ross wa not be upset one bit if the dolphins

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