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>> barry o’farrell: the fact is that i think what this does though is take service to a new level in government across nsw. >> barry o’farrell: we are aiming to be the best, we’re aiming to ensure that it’s as convenient as possible, but importantly what it means is we have shopfronts that can do more than one thing. >> barry o’farrell: these shopfronts will ultimately deal with all government transactions, but initially the roads and maritime services, fair trading and births, deaths and marriages. >> michael pratt: well here we are at haymarket this morning. it’s been an exciting morning with the official opening of our new haymarket service centre and the premier being here to open it up. >> michael pratt: we’ve got around about 27 staff here now. official opening for customers tomorrow.

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>> michael pratt: but we expect we’ll get around 350 customers a day in here. >> michael pratt: i think one of the really exciting opportunities for us with this community is that we’ve now got 11 languages that will be spoken in this service centre.

car hire sydney darling harbour,>> michael pratt: so we’re catering to mandarin and cantonese, greek, italian and so on. >> michael pratt: which is another opportunity for us to really give a good service experience with the local community.

>> michael pratt: a good step forward again for the government initiative of delivering genuine service reform to the people of nsw and to make it a much better experience to deal with government. 00:01:16 --> 00:01:33>> michael pratt: so great to be here, exciting times, just opened the centre and great to be with the team in their new corporate wardrobe as well.

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