Rabu, 04 Oktober 2017

car hire sydney compare

the nine no birds... well that'sinteresting. we had morning radio shows ring us up and say - well okay so whatdoes it mean? and they're trying to corner our staff. the staff doesn't even know! [chuckles] no it’s not a secret. it’s actually a bit anticlimactic. it's the whole thing of no frills. so if we can spend less,

car hire sydney compare,we can charge less. we are cheaper and that's really the no birds...philosophy. it's come from our dad

car hire sydney compare

who started it all. really it's just the way of mind for us. with hidden fees, we take a lot of pride in eliminating them from our process. we are as upfront as we possibly can, and you are not paying thousands of dollars if, you know, just bumped into a pole. the no birds... philosophy is – cheap, good cars. you can’t go wrong.

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