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car hire sydney circular quay

welcome to prestige transfers we are a modernreliable family friendly business targeting corporate and families wanting to holidayon the gold coast we service brisbane gold coast byron bay prestige offers intermit relationshipswith our clients the person you contact the one on the phone the person that replies toyour email will be the person that driving you we build up a repaul with our clientswe discover you know picking up clients every

car hire sydney circular quay

week from the airport you have learnt whattheir favourite cup of coffee is we will have that coffee ready when we greet them at theairport with our families we build up a repaul so if the children like the wiggles we willhave the wiggles playing in the car to help settle the children we will not rush our clientsif we pick them up at ten o'clock at the airport

and check in is not until two o'clock thenwe will take them for a drive around currumbin and elephant rock let them relax let themtake in the gold coast we will wait for our clients if their plane is late we will waitthere happily patiently until they arrive we contact our clients 24 hours before handand throughout the whole booking process once they have booked until pick up we are in regularcontact with them to make sure any extra needs are met and we can then provide arrival whenwe have a time to pick up for our corporates we will be there ten minutes early we willmake sure we have our cold water available on pick up if we are picking up from an officewe size up our clients we know if they are in the mood for a relaxed trip or if theyare in the mood to actually get down and focus

on their business a lot of our corporate clientsactually know that when they jump into one

car hire sydney circular quay,of our vehicles they can actually sit backand relax and be themselves just that 20 minutes in the car is enough to refocus them theywill have a laugh they will a joke around phone rings serious mode i go back to beingtheir driver and let them do their business them having the trust in us also then makesus feel that we are actually doing our job

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