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car hire sydney cbd australia

the big thing is what level of damage you have to pay when and if something happens. you don't really want to wait till you hit the car rental’s desk to find that out. you want to know when you’re booking. most of our competitors have a $3000 dollars excess. ours is much much lower that. several times lower than that. for our top cover, it's only a little bit more to get a zero excess whereas most of the companies are three, four, five

car hire sydney cbd australia

times that amount to get equivalent coverand that's our advantage there's some horror stories out there. i heard one in tasmania where someone slid off a road and hit a pole ended up paying over $8000 i think. if that happened in a bayswater car, you'd pay standard excess

car hire sydney cbd australia,which is a few hundred dollars forshowing top cover zero. if something does happen

untoward i will give my side story, we've had a little bump we've got ok, no problem and you're not paying thousands of dollars, if you've you know, you've just bumped into a pole dropping your kids off at forty.

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