causes of low libido in women

a big question for teenagers of today is whychoose abstinence. hi, i'm virginia intelisano, registered mental health counselor with thestate of florida, and i'm here to talk to you about why there are benefits to beingabstinent. there are three freedoms. one of the freedoms is freedom from pregnancy. anotheris freedom from any sexually transmitted infections, or stis. and the third freedom is being freefrom emotional injury. making these decisions

causes of low libido in women, for abstinence is important because you canavoid pregnancy. you can avoid having a decision that will affect you for the rest of yourlife. also, stis can be very painful and uncomfortable. this kind of thing could affect you for therest of your life as well. and thirdly, emotional

causes of low libido in women

injury. this might be a temporary state, butit could cause great harm. i talked to you

today about why abstinence is important. i'mvirginia intelisano and if you'd like further information, please contact a local mentalhealth professional. believe me, you're safety and your sanity is important.


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